Tracker Sweel SX3

Where can I find my QR code?

The QR code can be found within your Sweel box along with your installation and application instructions.

How do I pair my tracker to my app?

To pair your tracker, go to the app home page and click on the + icon and then scan your QR code. Otherwise, you can do this procedure manually by pressing on the + icon and entering your tracker ID and secret code.

How do I install my tracker?

Please refer to the installation instructions found in your Sweel box.

What is the tracker’s battery autonomy when not powered by the bike’s battery?

The Run.E’s autonomy is a couple of hours if the bike is moving. It will start working again, once the bike is turned back on. The Run.E+ model will last approximately 1 week considering around 2 hours of movement per day.

Is my tracker continuously plugged in to a power source?

Yes, unless the drive unit is Bosch. Bosch e-bikes completely shut down when the bike is off meaning the tracker does not have a power source. The internal battery will only last a couple of hours in these cases but will be back online as soon as the bike is turned back on. PS: aware of this limitation, Trackap is working on integrating a bigger battery to Trackers that will be fitted on Bosch drive bikes, providing extra autonomy.

Are there products available for motors of brands other than Yamaha, Bosch and Bafang?

This is in the works. We are currently working on widening our range of available products and adapting to a larger number of motor brands.

Where can I buy Sweel tracker?

You can buy our products on

Why does my tracker show 0V?

Your tracker may show OV if it has not been initialised yet, if it is poorly connected, or when the bike is off for Bosch bikes.

Why can’t I see my tracker on my app?

Upon first use, you need to take your bike out for a ride for at least 10-15 minutes so that the tracker can find its first position. If this has been done and still the app does not show a tracker, maybe it has been poorly fitted.

I have ridden my bike for over 15 minutes and still cannot see my tracker. Why?

In this case, it will be necessary to check if it is properly connected.

Why should the tracker not be installed under metal?

If the tracker is trapped in metal, this will constitute a Faraday cage and will block all signal emissions.

Is the tracker water resistant?

The tracker is resistant to slight water projections, to humidity and dust but will not support total submersion in water.

Can I pair multiple trackers with one app?

Yes, you can pair up to 7 trackers with one Trackap account.

Can one tracker be used with multiple bikes?

No. The tracker is specific to your ebike, and it cannot be removed.

What network does the tracker operate on?

The tracker uses GPS technology paired with 2G communication protocols. Using a SIM card makes the tracker more reliable, even in tough terrains compared to low-frequency networks.

What happens if I enter a "dark zone" where there is limited or no signal coverage?

The tracker will remain operational and register your positions but will only be able to send them once it has found a signal again.

How regularly does the tracker send my positions?

The tracker sends a position every 20 seconds in normal use and will adapt to the ride with its integrated accelerometer. This enables the tracker to precisely know every turn you made, and which exit you took on a roundabout for example. If the tracker is still then it’ll send an “alive signal” every 2 hours.

Why can’t I see my tracker on my app?

Upon first use, you need to take your bike out for a ride for at least 10-15 minutes so that the tracker can find its first position. If this has been done and still the app does not show a tracker, maybe it has been poorly fitted.
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Why is there a subscription cost?

The tracker uses a SIM card for reliability and volume of data sent. Therefore, there are network costs associated that Sweel centralizes. The subscription covers the network costs and enables Sweel to guarantee continuity and quality of service.

How may I renew my subscription?

You can renew your subscription in your bike’s details and clicking on “Renew my subscription”.

How are my bank details handled during my subscription renewal?

This is done through our partner STRIPE. All transactions are secure and no bank details are stored by Sweel.

What is the maintenance based on?

The maintenance links your kilometric reminders with your tracker’s data or will be based on your calendar reminders. You can ask your local store for help in inserting those reminders.

How can I handle my notifications?

This can be done on App parameters page.

How are itinerary and navigation handled?

This is done with our partner MAPBOX, European leader for light mobility navigation.

What do I need to do if my bike is stolen?

If, unfortunately, your bike is stolen, proceed as you would in normal circumstances. Go to your local police station and follow normal procedure. Then, tell the agents the bike was equipped with a GPS tracker. On your app, you will be able to generate a police access code giving access to your bikes’ positions. The procedure is explained on the app. The police need to go to and enter the code you provided them. The police will not be contacted automatically by generating this code. It will be up to them to handle the recovery of the bike. Recovery times will vary depending on the police’s priorities.