1. Before you get started

You need to buy the SWEEL © SX bike tracker. You can discover this product and buy it by clicking here.

2. Installation of the SWEEL SX2 (Bike Tracker)

This product is only suitable for electric bicycle. You need to place the chip in the motor and power it up. We advise you to have it installed by a professional bicycle dealer. You can find installation information by clicking here.

3. SWEEL SX2 Activation

When the chip is attached to your electric bike, you must activate your SIM card. So you have to go to the Sweel application and click on the bike you have created. On the sheet of this bike you must click on “Add Connect Pack”. You will be asked for the order number for your product. You will find it in the purchase email of this one.

4. Test the connection

Lock your bike and then rock it. You should receive push notifications


Do you have a problem? No worries, write us an email with your order number and we will get back to you quickly.

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