What will I receive in the package if I opt for an ULTIMATE subscription?

You will receive a Sweel box with a SWEEL SX2 GPS/Data chip, a USB calm, a USB to battery cable and for the first 250 orders a bike support for your iPhone.

Is Sweel SX2 free?

Yes the chip is free if you choose to purchase our Ultimate subscription which will therefore cost a total of €94.99 for 1 year.

Can I see the pack?

Of course!

ultimate pack promo box

Why don't I see the option to purchase the Ultimate Pack?

You are in a region where the pack is not yet active. You will receive an in-app push notification as the pack will be activated in your region.

How can I activate my SWEEL SX2?

Download the SWEEL app. Configure your bike.
In the bike menu, click on the option “Add Ultimate Pack”.

After the activation (7,99€/month), you will receive the SWEELSX2 by post and free of charge within 4 days. It will already have been activated.

Where I can use the SWEEL SX2?

You can use the Sweel SX2 in all of EUROPE (Zone EU).

Can I connect the SWEEL SX2 to my bike battery?

Of course! You will receive a cable with this connection. However, it’s best done by a professional.

How long does the battery last if I don't connect the chip to my bike battery?

Your Sweel SX2 can last up to 3 months. Obviously, with intensive use, this duration can be reduced.

Do you have a DATA connection?

Yes! This is why you are sure to be connected to your bike.

What is Motion Detection?

It’s an easy way to be notified before your bike goes missing. You will receive push notifications on your phone informing you that your bike is moving or vibrating, perhaps because someone is touching your lock or is attempting to steal it…

If I lost the connection with my bike do I have some form of assistance available?

Of course. You have an email support available via the app with an answer from us within 24 hours.


Do you have another question in mind? No worries, write us an email with your order number and we will get back to you as quickly as possible!

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