Standardize your employees' cycling expense reporting

Get your employees to adopt SWEEL for a standardized expense report template. Your guarantee to report real bike journeys !

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Our algorithms and AI take care of everything

  • Formalizing your bike reporting
  • Your guarantee to report real bike journeys !
  • Simplify your administration and reduce your workload
  • Strengthening your credibility towards the Tax authorities.
  • Boost your administration efficiency with our customized API
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Boost your employee's motivation

Mobilize your teams to achieve green business objectives

Less administrative burden

Centralized digital solution automatically processing mobility expenses

Tax optimization for your company

The easiest way to comply with tax rules

Reduce carbon footprint emissions

Commit to a transition towards a more sustainable mobility policy.

Managers save time with simple approval and admin tools

  • Receive accurate and consistent mileage reports from your team.
  • Get an overview of your team’s status at a glance.
  • Approve or reject mileage reports in seconds.
  • Invite and remove users and assign roles on the fly.
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Sweel's powerful native integrations with leading accounting and business tools allow you to download your expense data and more with just one click. Find out how Sweel fits into your technology stack or talk to our team for more information.
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Discover how companies have integrated our solutions (AI and algorithms) which enabled the creation of SWEEL