Automatically record your bike rides from your pocket

With SWEEL as an automatic mileage tracking tool, you no longer need to open an app. The motion sensor and our AI allow automatic recording of your cycling trips: You just need to jump on your bike!
  • Automatic expense report
  • iOS and Android Application
  • PDF / XLS / CSV
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Your expense reports

Get a customizable report of all your trips, downloadable in PDF, CSV or Excel format, ready to use for your employer.
The report contains the data required by your tax authority, ready to be used as a document for refund requests or tax deductions.
  • PDF
  • XLS
  • CSV

Improve the comfort of your bicycle journeys.

Enjoy a personalized Dashboard with your music, your appointments, a GPS system dedicated to cycling... and lots of other features.
  • Cycling routes (GPS)
  • Apple Music, Shopify
  • Strava Sync
  • Calendar
  • Phone
  • Statistics
Billed Monthly Billed Yearly
1,99 11,99
billed monthlyBilled Yearly
3 months FREE3 months FREE
Detailed GPS trackingDetailed GPS tracking
Auto record tripsAuto record trips
Expense ReportExpense Report
Export PDF - CSV - XLSExport PDF - CSV - XLS
Bike Navigation & DashboardBike Navigation & Dashboard

Provide your employer with accurate expense reports

At the end of each month, your employer will receive an automatic expense report for all your bicycle trips. No need to worry anymore. The subscription can be paid by your employer.